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I have created a fork of sage so that I can make minor preference changes (spaces to tabs, add in sass variables + classes used on all projects). This fork has been submitted to packagist (with no changes at present) however, whenever I run composer create-project charliefishtank/sage your-theme-name the command line asks for a Token. I noticed the standard roots/sage command doesn’t require this so just wondering if I have missed something.

Is there a way to get around using a token so the rest of my team can use the above command without authorising each git account?

You haven’t indicated what kind of token it’s asking for. So far as I know Sage itself doesn’t need any kind of token, but composer install may use the GitHub API and therefore require a GitHub token. I don’t know if any way to get around that, although I’m theory each user would only need to set up the token once. On the other hand, git clone will work fine without any token.

Sorry, I should have been clearer: it is requiring a GitHub token. Any idea how sage gets around that?

I did consider git clone however, then we wouldn’t get the fun of completing the suggested questions (what framework/theme name) - Not sure if that still works on a fork as I intend however.

Do you use a forked version? If so how did you go about using it.

Are you running into this? php - composer asking oauth token for download public repo - Stack Overflow

If it’s not this, have you tried looking at the other search results that come up when looking for what’s causing the prompt for a token?

It does seem to be the same issue as the article you linked, I read through that and as many other articles as I could before asking in here - I was hoping I had just missed something in my github/packagist setup. I am just not sure how roots/sage doesn’t require authentication but a forked version does.

What makes you certain roots/sage doesn’t? As I understand it the token is part of a rate limiting scheme, so it’s not always going to be transparent to us end users what requires it and what doesn’t. If GH’s rate limiter can learn, it may also have determined that sage is an open source framework with frequent downloads, and is consequently more forgiving, whereas a brand new fork has nothing indicating its usage and is subject to more aggressive limiting. Just speculation though: I’ve never bothered with the create-project thing, I just clone and go from there.

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