Sage + InuitCSS | GitHub Recommendations

QUESTION: What is GitHub best practice for creating a customized version of an ongoing project like Sage? I’m looking to create a custom version that ditches Bootstrap and some other key Sage features. Should I simply fork it and rename it to something similar? If so, how would I keep up with newer changes to the

I’m considering the possibility of creating a sort of Sage “spin-off” theme. Although I think Bootstrap is a wonderful UI Framework, I’m finding both it and Foundation to be a bit opinionated / cumbersome for large-scale WordPress templates. They’re wonderful when you need that quick win or you don’t feel like investing the time / money into developing custom UI; however, they can quickly lead to a messy codebase when working on large team projects.

With that said, I’m looking to create my own “spin-off” theme – a theme that combines the WordPress / PHP best practices of Sage with the CSS philosophy of something like Harry Roberts’ ITCSS or InuitCSS. My apologies if this is a bit of a “newbie” question; I tend to only work on private repos, but could see this being useful to others down the road.

Yes, the ideal way would be to simply fork it and rename it to something like sage-inuitcss. You can search this forum for information on using git to keeping your fork up to date.