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Can I change the name “Sage” in the theme I’m developing? and Should I keep the copyright notice intact on a theme derived from Sage?

I have no problem keeping it but do not know whether the authors wish to appear in a modification of the original theme. What is the reasonable limit to keep or change this note? Can I add my name to the authors list in my own developed sage theme?

Thank you in advance.

The license basically says you can do what you want with it :wink:

Ok! (I can’t see the MIT license in the

So, for a derived theme of sage, Is it right to put something like this into the license?:

Original Sage theme: Copyright © Ben Word and Scott Walkinshaw.
[My derived theme name]: [my (sublicensed) license]

Just include the contents of our file in its entirety then add your own specific stuff.

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Hi, I’m reading some about theme licensing. Here, a good backround article:

IANAL, but I think there is a legal gap with Sage licensing. AFAIK, WP themes can be licensed as GPL or split license (as a derivative work of GPL WP).

Maybe this is not a problem for the Roots community, since, in practice, people can develop their Sage themes without problems. But doesn’t that mean that the legal stage is right. It seems that Sage try to keep away from this complex discussion.

Nothing more, just a thought about this :wink:

Useful links:
Statement from Software Freedom Law Center:

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The MIT license is GPL compatible.