Sage on a shared host


Could someone point me out to a step-by-step guide on how to install Sage 10 as a working standalone theme (no Bedrock) for a shared host situation? Is this still not-being-supported-but possible?

I have created a new local by flywheel WordPress and I can’t get it to work.

After installing Sage and Acorn with composer, the theme is showing without issues but I can’t update it in any way (using yarn build or yarn dev).

Bud config:


In the past, I was told to use Acorn 2.0 as a mu-plugin, downloaded from the GitHub directory, but the outcome explained above is the same.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

The installation process is the same on a shared host as it is on a Bedrock host. This appears to be a config issue either with Flywheel or with Bud. Bud seems correct (though I don’t know much about your setup).

When you load the site in Flywheel are there any console errors?

I made it work. I’m leaving what I did here so it might help someone.

** From the theme directory **
composer create-project roots/sage
cd sage
composer require roots/acorn
yarn && yarn build

Bud config modifications:


And finally yarn dev to start development mode on http://localhost:3000.

Thanks for your help!