Sage php 5.3


I used Roots Stater Theme since it’s start. Since Sage, php 5.4 is required and in my production environnement I can’t use this version.
There is a way to use sage with php 5.3 ? If not, where can I found the last Roots release before change.

An another question, do you known Themosis ? It’s a little bit like bedrock + a work to use laravel like syntax.

Thank’s a lot for your great work and response.

This has been covered in depth here:

For previous versions of Roots check the releases page on GitHub.

If you want to use Themosis you will need PHP 5.4 too.

Thank’s for your response.
I’m going to look up the old release.

I know that Themosis required PHP 5.4 too. It was just if the Sage and Bedrock community doesn’t know this solution, this might be interesting.

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