Sage Theme Issue on New Server: Illuminate\Container\Exception

Hello Sage Community,

I am facing an issue with the Sage theme while trying to run it on a new server. I hope you can assist me in resolving this problem. Here are the details:

Problem Description: After migrating the Sage theme to the new server, I encountered the following error message:

arduinoCopy code


The site is not working as expected, and I suspect it might be related to theme assets or Laravel components.

Steps Taken:

  1. I have installed Composer on the new server and executed composer install successfully.
  2. The PHP version on the new server meets the Sage theme requirements.
  3. I have cleared the cache on both the server and WordPress.

Live Site Link: (

Thank you for your time and support. I appreciate any insights or suggestions you can provide to help me resolve this issue and get the Sage theme working smoothly on the new server.

Best regards,

What version of Acorn are you using? It may be worth trying wp acorn optimize:clear

Where do I have to use the acorn command? Is it on the themes folder using SSH?

Yes the theme directory should be the place. There’s quite a lot of info in the Acorn docs

Thank you but it said:

In Container.php line 879:

Target class [files] does not exist.

In Container.php line 877:

Class files does not exist