Sage with Woocommerce Plugins: Gift Cards and Bookings

We have two add-on plugins as part of woocommerce:

  • Woocommerce gift cards
  • Woocommerce bookings

I’m looking to override two of the my account templates:

  • woocommerce-gift-cards/templates/myaccount/giftcards.php
  • woocommerce-bookings/templates/myaccount/booking.php

I’ve tried the conventional route of copying these templates into the theme: resources/views/woocommerce but my custom updates don’t seem to be detected.

Keen to see if anyone else has been sucessful in getting around this issue?

Have you searched this forum? There are more than a few threads about getting WooCommerce to play nice with Sage.

This one has some good advice:

It specifically suggests this package:

@MWDelaney yes I’ve spent quite a bit of time crawling through various suggestions but not come across this package before. Is there any other way around this as right now we don’t have a local project installed so was hoping it would be something we did via the functions file or a plugin?

You can copy the templates into <theme>/woocommerce/ and the regular template locator should find and use them

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately for plugins this doesn’t work, for regular template overrides it was fine however. We managed to resolve this issue by installing the package suggested by @MWDelaney and then was a simple case of copying them across with the same aproach as before.