Sage-woocommerce and Radicle

I found information on how to integrate the sage 10 theme with woocommerce to use blade templates (GitHub - generoi/sage-woocommerce), since radicle has a different structure, how to do it correctly

Have you tried it? sage-woocommerce is a package and Radicle’s directory structure shouldn’t effect it.

Yes, I tried, changing the blade archive and single-product.blade.php templates does not change anything.

I can confirm there’s some issues with the sage-woocommerce package and Radicle — I don’t have an answer/solution just yet though

Workaround for now (props @sequelagency)

Modify the contents of public/content/mu-plugins/00-acorn-boot.php:

add_action('after_setup_theme', fn () => \Roots\bootloader()->boot());

Yes, everything works, thanks!

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