Sage/WooCommerce JS route for checkout page?


I’m struggling to find the correct route to use for my checkout page on a new site I’m building using bedrock/sage/woocommerce. The body classes on the checkout page are:

page-template-default page page-id-14 theme-4x4tyres/resources woocommerce-checkout woocommerce-page woocommerce-js checkout app-data index-data singular-data page-data page-14-data page-checkout-data

I’ve tried checkout, pageCheckout and woocommerceCheckout but none seem to work - whats the correct route for this??


OK, so for some reason woocommerceCheckout now works for js route, but I can’t get the controller working - what do I name the controller for the checkout page given the body class above?

Got it… PageCheckout works!!


and how will it be for the page my-account?

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