Sage10 + WooCommerce, anyone got it working already?


I didn’t manage to get WooCommerce templates working yet with sage10. I tried it with sage-woocommerce package however the templates seem to not be changing. I do have the correct structure resources/views/woocommerce/[template].blade.php

As its supposed to be working for sage9 I suppose its not yet compatible for sage10. Could anyone confirm? If you have it working could you explain how you did it?

Thanks, Nick

Hi @nckrtl,

How is it done in Sage9?


@nckrtl sorry but I haven’t use sage10 just yet…

@OsmanyLima use this package in your theme: Follow instruccions in

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That would be the way to go for sage9 indeed (as @carlosfaria explains). In sage 10 I got it working by adding “add_theme_support( ‘woocommerce’ );” to sage/app.php -> in after_setup_theme action.

That way you won’t have Blade support but you can edit Woocommerce templates by creating a woocommerce folder under resources folder. Copy paste templates from Woocommerce there and edit them to your likings.

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