SatisPress for private plugin management

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has had success using SatisPress to manage their private / paid-for plugins. We’re running into authentication issues with composer when attempting to deploy to the server.

We’ve setup our subdomain to host the SatisPress plugin and manage everything.

Screenshot for reference:

Composer file for reference:

Auth.json (sitting next to composer.json):

API Keys in SatisPress plugin settings:

Everything works great installing these plugins locally but not when attempting to deploy to staging. As soon as it hits the first satispress managed plugin, it throws errors:

The '' URL required authentication.  ", "  
You must be using the interactive console to authenticate       

SatisPress documentation:

Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

*** UPDATE ***

FWIW, we added a 2nd API key to our satispress installation here this morning and that made it work by using a new key. Hopefully this thread can help anyone else in the future because this satispress central package server is super sweet!

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