Schedule blog post doesn't work (for me)

Just wondering if you guys have any problems with blog post scheduling on WordPress sites that are installed with Bedrock. I’ve tried it on two Bedrock WordPress sites and even if I deactivate all my plugins and use a Automattic theme, blogposts still miss their scheduling. While my other sites that don’t have a Bedrock base don’t have this problem.

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Thanks, why do you disable it?

Because cron jobs should be left to cron.

@baardbaard WordPress internal cron is unreliable as it requires site traffic to fire. A more reliable and timely way to manage scheduled tasks is to disable Internal WP Cron and have the server handle timing.

In short, cron jobs should be left to cron.

Some of the background in this article may be helpful:


Thank you for the more in-depth answer. I appreciate the link.