Scheduled posts / wp-cron


Simple question regarding scheduled posts and wp-cron.

Fairly new to Trellis and I did read this thread but it didn’t really come to a conclusion, although I can see the referenced fix was merged.

A lot of the sites we build are very reliant on scheduled posts being very much on time for regulatory reasons. Am I right in thinking that the current default (from Bedrock) is that wp-cron is disabled and there is instead a cron job set up by Trellis which triggers wp-cron every 15 minutes?

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That’s correct.

Here it is in trellis:

You could always modify that to be less than 15 mins.

Thanks for the speedy reply, perfect.

Got it and will bear that in mind re: amending the regularity of the crown job execution, good to know.

Auto correct strikes again!

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Crown Job Execution starring Daniel Craig coming to theaters July 4th.


Ha :sweat_smile:

Lesson learnt: no replies by phone!