Script to move file (sunrise.php) to app/ after composer update

I’ve managed to install bedrock and configure it as Multisite with sudomains. It’s not tested all the way but a work in progress. I’ve added wordpress-mu-domain-mapping plugin to muplugins via Composer but as manual is required, I needed to move sunrise.php to the app/ folder.

There must be a way to automate this move. Anyone with the programming skills have a clue how to do this?
Thank you.

Why not just commit sunrise.php in that location to your repo? Don’t think it’s really updated that often.

You’ll need to test it, but I would probably just create a symlink and commit that instead. That way it will update as and when the plugin does.

I think I’ll do just that for now.
Wouldn’t the symlink make wordpress try to load it twice?

in your composer.json :

“dropin-paths”: {

“web/app/”: [“package:thename/domain-mapping:sunrise.php”]

thats all