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Searching ACF fields in WooCommerce Products (Backend)

I know this isn’t directly related any of the Roots tools but I’m wondering if anyone has had any success searching ACF fields in the backend for WooCommerce products.

I’ve searched the web over and over for some answers on this but haven’t been able to find a solution that actually works.

The option that works the best is:

This allows you to search ACF fields on the backend for posts, pages, custom post types but will not return results for ACF fields tied to a WooCommerce product. This plugin works for returning results on the front-end for WooCommerce but not the backend.

There really doesn’t appear to be a way to do this which seems odd. Maybe I haven’t been able to discover a tool that allows for this, so maybe I’ll find it from someone here?

Just gonna bump this back up for a bit.
Feel free to unlist it if needed.

I’ve not been able to find any sort of solution and I’m hoping someone here has ran into this before has something that works for them that would work for me.

Have you tried SearchWP? It has an option for searching in the admin area. I haven’t tried the option myself, but it sounds like what you’re after.

Well it says it works for e-commerce and custom fields, so I guess it’s worth a shot. I didn’t know that plugin was available. I’ll purchase it and give it a shot and report back here.

Thanks for the heads up!

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