Secondary Nav Menu on page?

Hi all,

I am trying to do something like this, roughly:

<main navigation>
<page structure of subnavigation>

What I did so far is creating a base-page-custom.php, a corresponding page-custom.php and a corresponding templates/header-custom.php which is correctly referenced in the page-custom.php.

I also created respective pages and a menu, which I gave the name Custom Navigation and changed the name respectively in templates/header-custom.php.

Unfortunately, the secondary nav-menu doesn’t show. When I check the sourcecode with firebug, it only shows this:

<nav class="nav-main" role="navigation"> </nav>

What did I miss or am I doing wrong?

I quickly covered secondary menus in another thread. Did you follow the same process to create the secondary menu and select the menu in the WordPress dash?

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Well yes and no. I actually modified init.php - without result before.

But - when I followed the process again I found out that I forgot to check the secondary menu in the backend as such.

So after I did that, the menu now shows.

Still I need to figure out how to show the page content of the child pages below the secondary menu without loosing the content of the parent page above the secondary menu.