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Seeking Sage Mentor for 2 hours at a time

I want to Wordpressify templates with sage. I currently have tailwindCSS templates generated from shuffle. My goal will be to hook up two of them: A separate FAQ page, with 4 featured FAQs on the home page.

  • I am available this Tuesday or Thursday morning, 9 - noon Eastern.
  • Also available after 8:45pm EST any evening.
  • I’d have time also, this weekend.
  • or Monday/Tuesday PM next week.

I was unsuccessful getting started. One issue: when I go through the steps on the README, I don’t get to success. For instance, I don’t get the promised webpack.mix.js file. And when I try to run the server it complains about not being able to find the style.css.

I’m hoping to be able to work collaboratively, via screenshare (suggest a tool? Or I can find one?), to get to the point where I have, in essence, the “hello world” of being able to generate a sage template.

I have a Mac, and Local dev environment set up, connected to WPEngine. Also have access to DevKinsta.

I am a long-time developer, but have almost zero experience with any element of this stack that was recommended to me. Can someone help me get to success? (And why does the README differ from my results… sigh. Possibly not answering composer create-project questions correctly…) If we get it done in less than two hours… great! Or you could continue and teach me more about the stack. If it takes more than 2 hours, and things seem to be moving in the right direction, can add more time.

Let me know your skill level, what you charge, and when you are available (and if you prefer a different mentoring environment than Zoom).



I don’t know if you’ve already resolved this but I’d be happy to have a conversation.

Have a look at my site ( and if you think we could work together drop me an email (


Hey There, i can help with this. I’ve been developing mainly with sage and tailwind for my WordPress sites for a while now.

Also, a few questions on my end:

  • Are you looking to pay hourly for this?
  • Are you married to the local development environment described above or are you willing to use trellis?

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