Senior WordPress Developer (Remote)

Hello Roots people,

We have a job opening for a remote full-stack WordPress developer at No Matter. We’re looking for someone with a decent amount of experience on WordPress and the Roots ecosystem.

We’re a small team that builds award-winning WordPress websites. Our work stands out primarily for the impressive bespoke front-ends, but we’ve also made some pretty cool back-end stuff, primarily around the field of 3rd-party API integrations.

Almost every website you see in our portfolio is built with the Roots stack. We use Bedrock and Trellis on all our projects and we have been using Sage, since 2016 (that’s version 8 — yes, we’re old timers!). We recently fully adopted Sage 10 in our workflow.

We’re looking for someone who’s thirsty for creative work, is a sucker for smoooooth UIs, but also digs PHP and can definitely write more that if-else statements. Our team is based in Barcelona, Spain and we’re looking for someone who can ideally tune-in to CET/CEST working hours.

If you think that someone could be you or someone you know, then you can check out more about the role here: