Serve a default index.html on server access

Hi there!

I am a little bit confused atm because I thought this would be an easy thing. I have setup a Trellis staging server on DigitalOcean with two WordPress sites. Everything is working fine there.
Now I want to add a default index.html which will be shown if someone tries to access the server (by IP or Domain). I thought I just have to put an index.html file in www_root (/srv/www) but somehow this is not working. What am I doing wrong? Where is the misunderstanding? Thanks in advance!

  • Phil

Trellis doesn’t just serve up /srv/www.

Our docs have a section on creating custom “sites” confs:

Thanks @swalkinshaw!
I also just realized that my trellis version is a little bit older, so I am going to update to the current version and then check out the solution you mentioned…