Setting up multiple bedrock installs under the same domain?

I’m looking to setup a general development server where we can stage multiple projects at any given time to be able to show clients how their project is progressing.

The idea is to run them off our company domain under a labs/dev subdomain ( So each project should be accessible from that url (, etc). These will all be separate projects not tied to each other at all that will be deployed separately from each other.

While trying to get this going I encountered problems with the provisioning and I wonder if anyone have tried anything similar and if they were able to solve it. I’d be very happy for any suggestions on how to get this going.

Multiple separate WP installs in sub directories aren’t really supported out of the box I don’t think. Right now sites are tied directly to hostnames. So you could easily achieve the same thing but with a further subdomain if you want.


Ah, ok. The reason for why I wanna run it in sub directories is that I don’t have control over DNS. I need to contact our technical partner and have them update the DNS each time. That + waiting for the DNS to propagate is something I want to get around with this method.

Or just have a wildcard subdomain set up? * It will only ever need to be setup/propagated once.

I guess that would be one way to do it. Thanks for the advice!
Any thoughts on adding the option so that sub directory can be easily setup?