Setting up sage 9.x has been a challenge. Does Sage really give you a 10,000 hour headstart?

I set up Sage 10 initially on my windows machine and enabled WSL 2 to run the build commands as mentioned in the docs. Enabling WSL 2 on my Windows 10 slowed down my PC drastically. I have 64gigs of ram.

I thought I’d move to sage 9. As soon as I installed sage 9.x using composer, I see a bunch of errors when running ‘composer install’. I keep seeing the following error. Tried all the solutions on StackOverflow and none worked. Should I skip sage 9 altogether and use Sage 10? The book I purchased still only covers Sage 9. When is Sage 10 theme book coming? @ben

Carbon 1 is deprecated, see how to migrate to Carbon 2.
    You can run ".\vendor\bin\upgrade-carbon" to get help in updating carbon and other frameworks and libraries that depend on it.

composer.lock composer.lock -
composer.json composer.json -

Using the Windows file system from within WSL 2 is still slow, I switched to using ~/src in WSL 2 instead (native Linux file system, which has much faster I/O) and cloned the repository there and push changes back to the main repository (I use a privately hosted GitLab for most of the projects).

Sage 9 was recently updated to use Webpack 5 and recent dependencies instead.
Are you using composer 1 or 2?

Composer version 2.3.6

Also try to have the code on the WSL 2 file system instead, I/O is much faster.
The Carbon related composer deprecation notice is not an error and can be ignored.

How can I do that? Can you elaborate?

Are you asking about using the WSL file system? @strarsis already explained that: