Setting up trellis with remote rds on aws

Hi, I am in the process of setting up an existing wordpress site on trellis and bedrock. I have been reviewing the documentation and don’t see much on remote database configuration. I have seen quite a few threads about the topic, but a lot of them seem outdated and not very descriptive on the entire process.

So here is where i am at, i got trellis running a development server and have setup an ec2 instance on aws that i am provisioning and deploying to as my production server. Out of the box trellis sets up the database on the local machine as expected. So what file(s) or vars, do i need to be looking at to change the production server to connect to the remote database, and skip that entire process being the site already has an existing database? I see in the site folder a .env with configurations, but to my knowledge that does not get pushed to the production server. Also my development server will not be connected to a remote database so the configurations will be different. Thanks!

As mentioned here, you can set the db_host var to point to your remote host.


Thanks @codepuncher! Also that information is obviously sensitive data (db_host, db_pass, db_name, etc.), so how would i go about placing that in the vault.yml file, so it’s all encrypted and then populating it in the wordpress_sites.yml file? Or does it do that automatically, if i place the information in the vault.yml file.

The contents of vault.yml for any environment is plaintext unless you follow the documentation instructions to encrypt them (which you can find here).

Give it all a go; trial and error is a good way to learn things IMO.