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Setup Bedrock without installing twentyten->twentynineteen themes

Looked through all the documentation and searched through the threads here, but am not seeing where to adjust this. When running composer install or composer update, I don’t want the package to install the default WP themes. Is there a way to omit this entirely?


Since I haven’t seen anything in 26d from anyone, I’m going to post my temporary solution. This is in place as it’s set to a boilerplate repo so far. By calling to @remove-default I’m able to ensure that the Hello Dolly and the themes are removed if they’re reinstalled.

"scripts": {
	"post-update-cmd": ["@remove-default"],
	"post-root-package-install": [
		"php -r \"copy('.env.example', '.env');\"",
	"test": [ "phpcs"],
	"remove-default": [
		"rm -rf web/wp/wp-content/themes/*",
		"rm -rf web/wp/wp-content/plugins/hello.php"
	"reset-plugins": "rm -rf web/app/plugins"

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