Setup site locally

I am trying to set up a working site locally but facing the issue that local URL is not working. Only browser sync is working

What really I am missing.

Is anything else running on port 3000? A tool like fkill is good for killing a process if it’s not accessible (or convenient). With that installed, just run: fkill :3000. Could you also provide some information about your environment? Operating system, Node version (node -v), etc.

Also, confirm that the devUrl in resources/assets/build/config.json is set correctly.

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Hell Knowler,

Thanks for your response.
My Node version is 10.7.0
NPM is 6.1.0
OS : Windows

Yes I have tested devURL is set correctly. I am facing same issue in Ubantu as well.

Sage currently doesn’t support Node versions greater than or equal to 10. I recommend using version 8 (Carbon LTS) and to install it using NVM. We have a guide for this: