Several Plugins need to be reactived again and again after deploy

After a deployment to a staging site I keep on having 5 commercial plugins deactivated. So I need to activate them again and again running:
wp plugin activate revslider js_composer eventON wplms-assignments wplms-dashboard

Any ideas why that is the case? Should they not just stay active?

Do the plugins need to be activated or re-installed? If the plugins are premium and not availiable via wpackagist then need to be gitignored in the (bedrock?) root folder:

#Premium Plugins

@chrisk2020 They only need to be activated. I did .gitignore them. That is why it is so odd…

That is indeed odd. I assume you are not updating the database with a version where they are disabled - beyond that I can’t think of anything, if the plugin files are there and they are active in the database they should stay active - as you’d expect.