Shortcodes and how to display each part of the array

I am working with Sage 9. In my controller, I have the following function which returns data from the API:

    public static function get_compare_providers() {
    global $bbn_api;
    $selectedProviders = get_field('compare_providers');

    $provider1 = $selectedProviders['compare_providers']['provider1_provider']['value'];
    $provider2 = $selectedProviders['compare_providers']['provider2_provider']['value'];

    $api_url = App::getAPIBaseURL() . '/Providers/compare?leftProviderID=' . $provider1 . '&rightProviderID=' . $provider2;
    // var_dump($api_url);die();
    $data = $bbn_api->generate_get($api_url);

    return json_decode(json_encode($data), true);

When I do a var_dump, I see the entire dataset returned.

public 'LeftProviderName' => string 'someprovidername'...

I also have a blade that calls this function and it has the data as well.

I then map an array of shortcodes in my app\shortcodes.php file, which all other shortcodes work in this array.

However, the latest addition is returning Array -
‘GetCompareProviders’ => ‘partials/compare-v2/shortcodes/get-compare-providers’

Within the aforementioned file, is a simple call to the function within the controller:
{!! TemplateCompareV2::get_compare_providers() !!}

Within the wysiwyg, I use the following shortcode - [GetCompareProviders field=‘LeftProviderName’] - which returns ‘Array’

How do I just return the left provider name, which is the first element of the array that is returned by the shortcodes?


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