Should I upgrade Roots 5.0

I could use a hand understanding the pro/con of updating Roots 5.0 to Bedrock or Sage.
I am lost in understanding how my current theme compares to Bedrock. I haven’t touched it in 3 yrs.

Home · roots/sage Wiki · GitHub points me to Sage docs

The Roots starter theme was renamed Sage and it remains a work-flow oriented start theme. There’s a world of difference between 3 years ago and now, not just in Sage, but in frameworks and webdev in general, so I would strongly recommend you give Sage a try if you’re redeveloping your site. If you just want to make a few changes here and there, then I personally wouldn’t bother transitioning the whole site over (unless you have good reason).

Bedrock works on a project level and can work with any theme. There are lots of advantages to it, and it’s generally straight forward to transition from a traditional WP install to a Bedrock install. It’s usually the first thing I change when inheriting a site. It shouldn’t affect your theme though, so again it depends on what your goals are.

I would suggest looking through the Sage and Bedrock pages if you’re still undecided.

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Thank you for the overview and advice.