Should I use Sage 10?

I have a new startup the I am about to start a new build for. Build time will be about 3 months so wondering if Sage 10 is stable enough to use now or should I stick with Sage 9? Thanks…

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Definitely use Sage 10.

I’ve launched several sites on even earlier “builds” of Sage 10. It’s perfectly solid and Composers and Components are–and I don’t mean to be dramatic–game-changers.

Thanks for the replies…

When are you planning to release Sage 10 documentation?


I’ve decided to go with Sage 10. Is there anywhere that lists what the changes are so I don’t have to manually dig through the code?

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Also here to ask about sage 10 docs. Afraid to start a new project on 10 without any docs in case I run into issues.

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I moved from Sage 9 to 10 without documentation, and it was tough, but doable. Expect to add a couple days to your first project learning the ins and outs of view Composers, some Acorn quirks, and components.

That said, the sites I built on Sage 9 now feel very inflexible, slow to develop, and poorly structured after making the switch. The only thing I wished while switching was that there were more posts on this forum, so go for it!


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