Should I use this cache plugin?

After installing Radicle on my cloudways managed servers, one plugin the cloudways reccomends. How to Install and Configure Breeze WordPress Cache Plugin | Cloudways Help Center Is no longer there which makes sense because I did a fresh install of radicle. What I wonder is they gave me an alert saying caching was not setup in it’s optimal way anymore because that plugin is missing.

Do you see any conflict with me installing this with radicle? Is it necessary. The only caching I know so far with radicle is wp acorn clear cache or some command like that I used after changing some configs.

Thanks ahead of time.

Since you aren’t using Trellis on your remote server, which uses FastCGI and Nginx micro caching, you should definitely get some sort of caching setup in place.

I don’t use Cloudways, but their caching plugin is on the WordPress plugin repo so you can add it back in with Composer so you don’t lose it on deploy:

composer require wpackagist-plugin/breeze

thank you, I will implement this.