Should links be replaced with port :3000 as well in dev mode? (HMR+ DDEV)


just starting with DDEV + Bedrock + Sage v10. I have a newbie question:

I got Bedrock + Sage to work via yarn dev and opened up

Got “Bud connected” in the JS devtools console. :white_check_mark:

But when I click a link to a post, the link points to the page url without port 3000, e.g. This results in error:

GET 404.

Is it normal that I can’t navigate with page links while using Sage + Bud or should this usually be possible?

My repo: GitHub - mandrasch/ddev-bedrock-sage: Just an example repository for testing DDEV + Roots Bedrock + Roots Sage starter theme for WordPress👷

Used this approach Sage 10 + DDEV + Browsersync - exposing port 3000 - 400 Bad Request - #2 by Bart

(If it should be possible: Maybe this is related that I have to use ‘http’ in config, but access my page via DDEV reverse proxy with ‘https’ in general?)

Thanks very much in advance for hints!

Best regards,


Did you ever find/discover a “Roots” way of telling the dev server to add the dev port# to all of the links for easier dev-time navigation? Thanks!