Should links be replaced with port :3000 as well in dev mode? (HMR+ DDEV)


just starting with DDEV + Bedrock + Sage v10. I have a newbie question:

I got Bedrock + Sage to work via yarn dev and opened up

Got “Bud connected” in the JS devtools console. :white_check_mark:

But when I click a link to a post, the link points to the page url without port 3000, e.g. This results in error:

GET 404.

Is it normal that I can’t navigate with page links while using Sage + Bud or should this usually be possible?

My repo: GitHub - mandrasch/ddev-bedrock-sage: Just an example repository for testing DDEV + Roots Bedrock + Roots Sage starter theme for WordPress👷

Used this approach Sage 10 + DDEV + Browsersync - exposing port 3000 - 400 Bad Request - #2 by Bart

(If it should be possible: Maybe this is related that I have to use ‘http’ in config, but access my page via DDEV reverse proxy with ‘https’ in general?)

Thanks very much in advance for hints!

Best regards,