Should Sage include 'responsive text' as standard?

Something like, or similar to, ‘FlowType’ for example?..I hate having to worry about how headline words like ‘accomplishments’ will look on small phones.

Its always puzzled me why the popular responsive frameworks with the exception of Materialize ( which gives an option ) , forget about making type, the most important part of 99% of sites, natively responsive.

Once Sage goes agnostic, this feature alone will give it a quasi responsive feel anyway.

Anyway, just my two pennies. Sage is awesome!

Sage is not a framework, it’s a starter theme. It’s meant to be a starting point for your projects. I do not agree that FlowType.js is appropriate for every single project.

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I agree that FlowType is a cool solution, I think mostly for headlines. It seems unnecessary for paragraphs ( I also don’t like the idea of changing the paragraph font size, especially if the user wants their text set larger) but it isn’t really that hard to add it to your project with bower. It’s definitely agree with austin that its not something that everyone needs.

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^ what these dudes said