Show header and footer inside Gutenberg Editor


I’ve been trying to make Gutenberg look exactly like my front-end (I’m building with Log1x’s ACF Composer), but I’m stuggling to add my header, footer and a blade section to the editor (they’re located in the app.blade.php layout).

Am I missing something or is this simply not possible?

Thanks in advance.

There are still (Classic) Blade-PHP templates next to the FSE templates in Sage. Those are used instead when no FSE template is available (and not just index.html as ultimative fallback). See those notes.

Alright, so there is no way to use the Blade templates? I really hate the way of coding the Gutenberg templates and the blocks I’m using are all made with ACF Blocks inside Blade files.

Would those help?

Not really. acorn-fse-helper renders Blocks inside blade files and the latter renders for native gutenberg blocks, not ACF.