Sidebar Examples?

Going through development of a couple sites with Sage and our team is having a tough time sidebar development. We have looked through Theme Sidebar, but was curious if there are any good code examples out there of operational sites?

Maybe define “tough time” - I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking!

[quote=“JulienMelissas, post:2, topic:4262, full:true”]
Maybe define “tough time” - I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking!
[/quote]Conceptually we understand how it works, but sometimes just having working examples helps connects all the dots where the documentation leaves off.

you can either hide it or show it… It can have widgets and you can add your own custom code. Can you be more specific about what you mean by working examples?

Sorry. It is more of a question of custom sidebar. We have the dynamic sidebar displaying on the appropriate pages just not in the right spots. Example, if we wanted the sidebar to display within a col 4 in home.php, but it is displaying at the bottom of the page.

By working examples, a working code examples of getting a custom sidebar would be amazing. Not just a code snippet.

Hi please post your code for home.php, or post a link. Also can you elaborate, on what you mean by custom sidebar? or be more specific.

Also, I just looked at your post history. Am I correct to assume you are not using bootstrap. The default side bar uses a boot strap grid class defined in variables.scss. If you removed that you will need to define its layout your self