Sidebar margins alignment


starting to work with Roots and in archive and pages we have page-header with less->

margin: (@line-height-computed * 2) 0 @line-height-computed;

then in single posts we have entry-title class with an h1 so top margin is @line-height-computed which is half margin from the top of the main tag.

I believe that most of the sites are using a sidebar and we want to align the content of the sidebar with the heading of the content, regardless if it is an archive or a single post.

I have done it manually but it would be nice to have this adjustment out of the box in roots. I.e. ensuring that in every template has the same margin between <main class="main"...> and the next html tag, page-header, entry-title,etc

Roots being a starter theme, the CSS and the page markup should be customised for every site that uses it. For that reason we don’t override the default Bootstrap styles or change the markup unless it’s absolutely necessary.

This is more of a preference than a necessity, as some people will want to keep the sidebar in the same position and not have it jump up and down between pages and posts.