Single Repo for multiple premium wordpress plugins

I followed the guide here to setup a repo for my premium theme

The premium theme I installed depends on 9 other plugins. Can I setup just 1 repo for those premium plugins and install with composer from the repository? Or do I need to setup a private repo for each of those 9 plugins.

You need one private repo for each plugin.

@perforsberg77 Thanks I was able to work around it by hosting the plugins in my google drive and creating a composer.json for each of the plugins.

I host the premium plugins on a private GitLab instance. It works really well, though I let composer use SSH/GIT to access the plugin repositories. GitLab also has composer repository support and there are private composer repositories, but for now it works well enough for me.

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@strarsis I haven’t thought of that but i think that should work as a good alternative.

You may be able to pull this off using the composer installer package types and custom install paths.

If you maintained a repo of all the plugins, each in their own folder the same as they would be in web/app/plugins you might just be able to point the install path there. But I think it might wipe out all other plugins.


This is essentially what i did. I’ll mark this as the solution.

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