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Site Health - your site could not complete a loopback request (Wordpress 5.6)


Since some weeks, all my wordpress working with bedrock have the same error on the health checker.

All others tests are fine but this one is persistent.

If I create a new bedrock project with default wordpress theme and no plugins, the error still there.

I tried to know which page return a 404 error with some logs and it’s seems to be

The health checker try to check the /wp

Someone else have the same problem ? I’m checking on the internet since 2 (maybe 3) weeks and nobody seems to have this problem.

I have this problem on multiple hosting (cloud, docker, traditionnal server, etc).

I know, I can disable this test on the checker but someone know how really fix that.
It’s a bug from Wordpress ?


Does WP Sitehealth, cURL error 28 help?