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I have tested many websites built with Sage on Google Speed Insight and never seen a really good score.

I wonder what it means, if someone has counterexamples and thought on speed optimization for Sage based websites.



I’ve always managed to get pretty good scores with Roots/Sage. Have you tried using GTMetrix? that might help you identify some areas you can improve and give a little more insight than Google Page Speed on some fronts.

Personally even on shared hosting I’ve found it’s possible to get under a second load times with fairly decent scores and on a VPS running Trellis you should have no issues.

A few pointers would be:

That’s about all I can think of right now, I hope that helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: I thought I’d give an example of a site I’ve recently finished for a client in the last few weeks and they are on shared hosting, and even on shared it was possible to get a decent score.


So what scores have you gotten? This isn’t that helpful without showing us the scores or the areas where you got bad grades.

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I found this one with a good desktop score (90) in the showcase section :

And this one for desktop and mobile :