Site_url() returning /wp


I’m using the whole pack: trellis, bedrock, and sage. I’m just wondering why, when I call site_url() I get url when nowhere else I see or use the /wp path in my url. Does something break if I change the site_url constant in the .env file? Should I just use get_home_url() ?

Yes. The site URL will always return /wp.

Reviving an old thread because it might help someone else.

We recently converted an existing project from standard structure of bedrock on our production server. During launch we discovered breaking bugs where URLs to content and images were being rewritten from to

We eventually located the issue to a filter on the_content that we wrote years ago. It ran a regex search on old versions of our client’s domain name (“”) and replaced with site_url. Because the wp options site_url and home_url are generally identical on standard WordPress sites this didn’t cause an issue until we migrated to bedrock.

It was really an issue of bad coding on our part. The solution is to never use site_url unless you really mean to use the file path and not the base URL. Using home_url is generally the best practice.