Slide Anything compatibilty

I have begun building a theme with Sage 9 which so far is great but I’ve now hit a hurdle with using the ‘Slide Anything’ plugin:

This might be better raised in the plugins page as the issue might reside with them but when I create a slide it doesn’t appear on the page, when I check in the console I can see the markup is there but I noticed ‘.owl-carousel’ is set to ‘display: none’, if I change it to block I can see the slides but they are all stacked vertically.

I have temporarily switched to twenty seventeen and it works perfectly.

Not sure if there’s an equivalent plugin that will work with Sage 9? It would be a shame to back out of using Sage just because of this, any ideas?

This is just speculation, but it sounds like you’re seeing an issue that has to do with JavaScript not enqueuing/executing correctly. I haven’t used Owl Carousel in a while, but most carousels apply display: none via their CSS and then add display: block or whatever via JavaScript, as a way to avoid weird popping behavior when a huge stack of elements suddenly collapses into a carousel.

I’d start by looking at your browser’s console for JavaScript errors, which may help you track down where exactly the problem is. If you see some kind of “file not found” error, then it may be getting the plugin path wrong. There’s also a chance it’s just not enqueuing it at all: The code for the plugin shows that JS is enqueued when the shortcode is executed, which seems suboptimal and may be causing issues w/r/t Blade (possibly similar to the issues described here, although that particular problem has been fixed).

Personally, this plugin looks a little bit too “kitchen sink” for me; I’d probably suggest just building your own functionality—there are lots of JS carousels out there that are very easy to use. I usually turn to Slick.

Thanks Ben, I totally agree with your comments. I can’t find anything in the console that suggests a js issue so it is a tricky one to track.
I imagine it’s something to do with blade perhaps?
I agree it is a bit kitchen sink but my criteria for this was it uses swipe (although the more i think about it the less I think I will display it on mobile) but the other important win for me was it was easy for a client to put html/content in over the slide. I have checked Slick and can’t see any evidence of that functionality on there, I guess I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for the repsonse.