Slow loading localhost (browsersync problem?)

Heya. I seem to be having a similar issue as this older topic, with the difference being that Sage now uses Webpack and not Gulp.

Still, it’s a similar thing. Reloading the front page on the Trellis .test TLD is reasonably quick (although I’d like to see that even faster than the ~2 seconds it usually takes) but when I’ve yarn started and going through Browsersync on localhost:3000, I’m recording at least 6.5 seconds on every reload - sometimes more. Am I expecting too much, or is this abnormal behaviour? I just started up this project, so there are no extra plugins aside from ACF and no content or assets added yet.

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I’m having very slow yarn start load page reload times as well.
Closer to 15-20 seconds, actually. yarn build time is about half that.

Anyone have suggestions on how to begin troubleshooting?

@neptunus Ever get your problem worked out?

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