Slow static/images download from Nginx

I’m getting slow download times for images stored in uploads.
One site is on Digital Ocean, and one is on another VPS hosting, both are within 1000km from my location.
I’m using https and TTFB is ok.

The images vary from 10KB to 500KB, but seem to load at almost the same speed.

Care to share the URL? It’ll be easier to isolate trellis as the issue if others can reproduce.

Interesting, I get the exact same results with really long TTFB for images only.

I’d look through logs and maybe bump your log level to get more information.

I’m not sure what to look for in the log files. Aren’t static files like images in uploads dir just loaded from the disk and served to the browser?

Yes that’s correct… but there will still be Nginx logs for them. /srv/www/<site>/logs