Soil Doesn't Shorten get_template_directory_uri()

Soil does a great job at shortening a lot of different URLs in WP, but get_template_directory_uri() doesn’t seem to be one of them. I was looking at the source for the plugin on github and it looks like it takes an array of different functions to see if it can shorten links, but get_template_directory_uri() isn’t one of the things it looks for. Is this something we can get into Soil? I use a logo image in many projects and I use get_template_directory_uri() to point it to the /dist/images folder inside my theme programmatically. If this is something that would be welcome, I’ll gladly put in a pull request to get it added. I more just want to make sure I understand how the code works before I do so, or if there was a reason it was not included.

I would also like to see this implemented!