SOIL - jQuery CDN not loading - invalid certificate

On Chrome and Safari, it looks like the Jquery CDN is not loading because of an invalid certificate… To double check, It looks like the same thing is happening on the main Roots site. Does this happen for others? (just to make sure its not just my computer…) See Screenshot:


What version of chrome are you using?

Hi, Thanks for the response, here is my Chrome version:

Version 54.0.2840.59 (64-bit)

Were you saying you also noticed that on ?

Yes, same when visiting

I clicked this link for the Jquery script -

And got this (screenshot below)

Well I run chrome regular and chrome dev versions so I just checked that exact link on chrome version 53.0.2785.143 (64-bit) and also 55.0.2883.9 dev (64-bit)

Both came back good.

Also checked jQuery 2.1.0 and both browsers are good.

Did you ever mess around with any of your local OS trusted security certificates?

Possibly run a malware scan on your PC

Same with me, the SSL cert seems fine for that file on

@ShaunB, I don’t know, maybe try clearing browser cache?

Ok… Thanks for the help and feedback… So, its something on my computer… I will check out the certificates and clearing the cache…

Thanks again!


Anytime, try getting a different version of chrome.

That has all their release channels.

This was actually due to GlobalSign SSL provider having a global outage and it affected a ton of sites including Wikipedia and CDN hosted scripts.


Thanks for posting the link… Actually had a buddy who was experiencing the same issue, so i’ll pass this along.