[Soil] - Multiple Google Analytics tracking codes

Hi, I’m using Sage+Soil, and since now I have no problems. I’ve been using soil to add Analytics snippet this way in config.php:

add_theme_support('soil-google-analytics', 'UA-000000-00', 'wp_head');

But now I need to add other tracking code. I’ve tried this:

add_theme_support('soil-google-analytics', 'UA-000000-00', 'wp_head');
add_theme_support('soil-google-analytics', 'UA-000000-01', 'wp_head');

But It seems It’s not working, It only puts the last one tracking code. Am I doing something wrong, or Soil is not compatible with this need?

Thanks in advance.Diego

Soil doesn’t support that right now, and I don’t think our GA module will ever do that.

Have you looked at Google Tag Manager before? http://www.google.com/tagmanager/

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Yes but in this case I have two google accounts (one for the customer, one for the bussiness), so I think Tag manager will not fix here.

Thanks for all Ben :wink:

FWIW you can have as many GA codes as you want with Google Tag Manager

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Thanks Ben for all the info :wink: