Soil nice search combines multiple search terms (iiS)

This isn’t a huge deal, just wondering if anyone has come across it. (I searched this forum and found a multi-term issue, but they were getting a 404).

Default search result is .com/?s=eleventh+circuit
Soil search result is .com/search/eleventhcircuit

The term is also combined in the actual search box (once the results load) with the nice search enabled.

With the Soil search result, I get nothing back.

This site is running on iis, so not sure if that comes into play. Like I said, not a huge deal, I just removed the theme support for nice search for now. Just wondering if anyone else had the same issue.

Hi, I’ve just bumped up against the same issue…I think the query variable needs to be run though the urlencode function, like the roots_nice_search_redirect function used to do in the old Roots, before the functionality was moved into soil.

I replaced the relevant line in /soil/modules/nice-search.php

//old line: wp_redirect(esc_url_raw(home_url("/{$search_base}/" . get_query_var('s'))));
wp_redirect(home_url("/{$search_base}/" . urlencode(get_query_var('s'))));

urlencode() replaces spaces in the search term with “+”, and the search function works.


Looks like I had an old version of soil - this issue was already sorted a while back!

Sorry if that was an irrelevant reply…