SOIL not working working with Wordpress V5

Hello all,

Hope you can help.

SOIL not working working with Wordpress V5. Any idea how I can resolve this? The issue is, we cant edit or add new pages or posts, we just get the white screen!


Take a look in your error log; there may be something useful in there to help solve the issue.

Hi Mike! I’m not seeing any issues with Soil and WordPress 5 so it might be a conflict somewhere else on your setup.

If you let me know which email address you used to purchase Soil (not seeing any record of your name or email in our customer list), I’d be glad to help further!

Hi Ben,

Thanks for note back.

We got help to resolve the issue ( we had to pay for help) SOIL was some how conflicting or causing some issues with the new editing system in WP V5. I don’t have detail what they done, sorry!

In terms of other plugs, It cant be these we had systemically disabled one by one and SOIL was the only that caused the issues.

PS, sorry meant to add, it was our last web dev company that installed SOIL, We are no longer in touch with them!


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