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Soil + Sage 10 (master) White screen - empty body when deployed to AWS + SECURI


I’m developing an website and wanted to give a try to Trellis / Bedrock / Sage 10 stack.
I’m using latest Sage 10 (master from GIT) and also I have installed Soil plugin.

I have deployed the website to AWS + SECURI, and when I’m entering it - It’s “empty”. It crash on both > front-end and admin. No errors, just the is empty.

Server is marked as staging for now.

On my local everything works ok. Does anyone know about any conflicts with new Sage 10 and Soil?
Disabling the plugin remove the issue.

Or does it’s because I have not bought the license and it’s crashing the website?

I will buy the license, the website is in development state and I wanted to test everything before I will made final decision to stick with Roots.

error.log is empty, I enabled WP_DEBUG, added in the index.php error_display etc, and still nothing, the body is just empty…


Is something logged in the nginx global log files (not the site ones)?
Were both the last provision and deploy by ansible successful?

Provision and Deploy had 0 errors, everything fine.
/var/log/nginx/error.log empty.
/srv/www/ empty.

Were you able to figure out your issue here? Dealing with something similar.

Is the page really just empty/white? Is there something in the page source maybe?
Also check the network tab of Chrome Dev tools. What are the response headers? HTTP 200? HTTP 404? HTTP 500? Any indication that the responding server is the correct one?

Can you access static files? E.g. put a “test.txt” into the htdocs directory of the site and request it or request an existing, static file.

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