Some files missing after composer install

On my local environment i’m using composer create-project… to start a bedrock project,
in my version control i’m comitting the composer.json & composer.lock files

But when im checking out my repo in my build pipeline or locally in another folder, it does not give me all the files. the config dir is missing.
The /web/index.php and /web/wp-config is also missing, is it really not possible to do like this?

If you want files to be in your repo, you have to commit those files to your repo. The composer.json file in Bedrock installs your dependencies, it does not install Bedrock itself.

Okay, thought it was a bug.
What is the correct strategy to do a devops pipeline with bedrock then, when not using the release tools written in the documentation.

What release tools and documentation are you referring to?

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