Some problems with using Roots/Bedrock with Local By Flywheel

I just upgraded my OSX to the latest, and using VirtualHostX with Roots/Bedrock/Sage (not using Vagrant and still using Sage 8), suddenly stopped working. No matter how I configured my laptop, no dice.

So I took up Local By Flywheel, and followed the directions here (followed exactly):

After some trial and error, it works. BUT:

  1. As of the posting of this, the new beta 5 version of Local By Flywheel does not work when you change the root to point to bedrock. It DOES work with older versions of Local By Flywheel (3.3)

  2. Changing the root to point to bedrock causes the “database” tab in Local to show “unable to find” and points to the “public” folder, which it should be pointing to the new path

  1. The SSL says “trusted” but I can’t open the site in Chrome because of their security settings. Only in Safari. In Chrome, I don’t even get the message to still “proceed” to the site, despite the warnings


Anyone else have these similar issues and have a fix for #2 or #3? I would prefer to work my sites in Chrome, but can’t even


Check your general wordpress settings url, you should have https://
And config.js devUrl

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