Some question regarding optimization

Hi there, i’m just starting using Roots and Grunt (really great stuff).

I particularly like the concept of reducing at the minimum possible the site weight, by using only 1 main .js file besides jQuery and modernizr and only one css file.

But, as good as this is for template files, i’m not really sure how to handle plugins js and css files.

There’s a reccomended way to make their js/css “gruntified” along with template ones?
Something like adding paths to Gruntfile.js, but then i suppose i have to stop enqueueing the original files manually…

Thanks in advance.

I have done this successfully in projects, biggest issue I have run into with plugins are relative images in CSS. For plugins that do not offer an easy way to disable CSS/JS, see this:

Thanks Chris!

I’ll check the link and see what i can do :slight_smile: